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What is the benefit of hiring an attorney from Goodman Allen Donnelly to represent me in my pursuit for benefits?

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

“What is the benefit of hiring an attorney from Goodman Allen Donnelly to represent me in my pursuit for benefits?”

If you have ever been denied benefits by the Department of Veterans Affairs, you may have questioned whether there is a benefit to hiring a VA-Certified attorney.   Attorneys are trained to understand the application of laws to facts, and to write effectively which are two skills that are crucial in the pursuit of VA benefits.  However, there are further advantages in having the help of an experienced attorney from Goodman Allen Donnelly representing you, for instance:

  1. Unlike other law firms, at Goodman Allen Donnelly you have dedicated attorneys working on your case whether your appeal is before a U.S. Federal Court or before the Department of Veterans Affairs.  We do not use non-attorney practitioners or paralegals to prepare any of the legal arguments presented before the tribunals. 
  2. Goodman Allen Donnelly attorneys working in our Veterans Benefits Group have dedicated, most if not all their legal career in helping veterans obtain the benefits they are entitled to under the law.  This means that we are focused solely on helping you obtain the benefits you are entitled to. 
  3. Goodman Allen Donnelly attorneys have worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.  We have a comprehensive understanding of how the VA system works, and we use that understanding in helping you obtain the benefits you seek. 
  4. Goodman Allen Donnelly attorneys understand the case law and understand how to properly apply VA regulations to a specific set of facts. 
  5. Goodman Allen Donnelly attorneys write in a clear and persuasive manner, which is very important in the pursuit of VA benefits since most of the adjudication of the claim is done in a written format, through the filings of briefs, Notices of Disagreements, Substantive Appeals, etc.
  6. Goodman Allen Donnelly attorneys can help you obtain the evidence you seek.  Whether it is a medical opinion, or obtaining employment records, we can identify the specific evidence you may need in order to win your case. 

Let our extensive knowledge, and experience work for you. 

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