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Attorney David Boelzner Contributes to the Veterans Law Review

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

Goodman Allen Donnelly attorney, David Boelzner, recently published an article, “EAJA Fees for Reasons-and-Bases Remands: the Perspective of a Veterans’ Lawyer,” which appeared as the lead article in Volume 7 of the Veterans Law Review (Spring 2015).  The article was a comprehensive response to an earlier piece in the same journal which had challenged the value of court remands based on the agency’s failure to provide adequate “reasons and bases” and argued that they did not justify award of attorney fees.  Boelzner’s article explained why a remand on this basis is indeed valuable to the claimant, pointed out that EAJA fees are not the incentive for repetitive appeals that the earlier article had suggested, and noted that the VA could reduce or eliminate “reasons and bases” remands by complying with the law.

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